I love helping people occupy the core of their lives as fully as possible. I used to be MD at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London/Manchester, until I realised I had dreams of my own to fulfil, so I ran away to the seaside and spent 3 years at art school.

I re-located back to Northern Ireland in 2012 and have been supporting my art practice with freelance arts consultancy (mostly in marketing).

While delivering training courses to artists and makers, I realised the bit I most enjoy is helping people connect with the sweet spot at the centre of why they love what they do – because then, the work of getting it done  (and how to talk about it) is so much easier.

Despite 25 years of city life, I’m still very much a farmer’s daughter and take a down to earth approach to juggling between planning and doing and being.


Sharon Adams is an accredited coach, having trained with RD1st in 2020 and is a member of the Association for Coaching.