Herding Fish came about while juggling between planning and doing and being. The name started as a way of describing an especially unruly project and then it kind of stuck. What it all boils down to for me is the tension between productivity and creativity.



I used to be MD at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, until I realised I had dreams of my own to fulfil, so I ran away to the seaside and spent 3 years at art school. I have since re-located back to Northern Ireland where I balance the business-like, super-organised list-writer with the artist who needs time and space to just be.
I work with a range of clients, principally on marketing and events. Lots of highly creative people run slightly chaotic businesses where they hate their admin and therefore waste time and money doing things ineffectively. I hate waste, so I like to set up simple systems that make life easier, that tame the admin and let creativity flourish.


  • Craft NI
  • Linen Biennale Northern Ireland
  • Trish Belford, Ulster University
  • Northern Health Trust
  • Visual Artists Ireland
  • R-Space Gallery, Lisburn
  • Cortijo Romero
  • Community of Interbeing UK
  • The Branding Workshop
  • Hay House Publishing
  • Mind Body Spirit Festival 1996-2008

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