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Coaching and Mentoring in a Craft Context

This week Melody Vaughan has been busy on Instagram posting a host of information about Coaching and Mentoring in a Craft Context, and today she's shared some info about the work that Ruth Singer and myself are doing in this area. I worked with Melody in 2019 on a...

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One Piece at a Time

Johnny Cash would have been 89 this week and Letters of Note marked the date by sharing this delightful list in the master’s hand. Personally, I’m probably a bigger fan of list-writing than Mr Cash seems to be here. I love getting stuff out of my head and onto the...

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Somewhere in the middle of last year I realised it had been a long time since I’d enjoyed anything very much. Every day had a to do list as long as my arm and every day it got rolled over and over and never got cleared. I knew I really needed a day off, to get up to a...

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Easy like Sunday morning

With lockdown days and weeks becoming a blur, the benefits of stopping to rest are more important than ever. Whatever your spiritual framework, setting aside a day that’s different to the other six offers an essential space to re-frame the seemingly endless swirl, and...

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Would you rather be helped or heard?

When a version of this question popped up on one of my social media feeds this week it struck me as really highlighting the value of coaching - a process that’s primarily about listening. Of course there are times when advice from someone with expert knowledge is...

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I can see that when I talk to friends I have to be aware that I don’t ‘make it about me’ too much, that I listen.

I surprised myself that I enjoyed the unrestricted access to my own thoughts.


Client Feedback March 2021