Clients are requested to give 48hrs notice of any change to the scheduled times.

If a session starts later than planned, it won’t be possible to add on the time to compensate.

I will endeavour to be on time and will wait up to 15 minutes.


Everything discussed during coaching is confidential and will not be revealed by the coach or used for the coach’s own personal gain.


Sharon Adams as part of professional good practice achieves regular developmental ‘Supervision’.

This, again, is contracted as a confidential forum whereby the coach can discuss and explore ‘good practice’ in relation to the work. Names of clients are not used.


The coach retains the right to breech confidentiality (and will inform the client of this intention) should it be believed the client is

a) in danger unto themselves or others or

b) the client is operating beyond the law

This would be achieved in negotiation with the client.


The aim of coaching is to provide a safe, supportive and challenging space whereby the client can explore their own personal development.

A coach helps an individual understand and eliminate barriers to more effective performance and is not there to give advice or provide all the ‘answers’ or solutions.


Ultimate responsibility for the success of the engagement rests on the determination of the client.