Coaching is a partnership, a specific type of conversation in which I listen carefully to clients’ description of what’s happening and help them get really clear about what that is, and what they would like to happen next. The process helps identify and clarify goals and develop realistic plans to achieve them.

As a coach, I’m not there to give advice, instead I create a focused productive space for each client to explore and pursue their own thinking. This can be especially helpful at times of change, and coaching is a great framework to build into bigger projects to create focus and accountability.

Coaching starts from the present and looks to the future. It takes the position that you have the knowledge and ability to direct your own life, and offers guidance to help identify places where we’re unwittingly holding ourselves back.

Coaching can therefore help get past feelings of being stuck, and while it can be an emotional process, it’s not appropriate when mental health is in crisis.


What’s the difference between a Coach, Mentor, Counsellor and a Consultant?

a COACH works with their clients by helping them identify and achieve their own goals

a MENTOR shares their own experience so the other person can benefit from knowing how the mentor’s career unfolded

a COUNSELLOR works with their clients to address and resolve emotional issues

a CONSULTANT uses their skills and experience to identify changes that would benefit the client, and then does that work on the client’s behalf

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together

Vincent Van Gogh